Paul Newman - Manager

After a highly successful career in the Timber industry, Paul has an innate understanding of what sells and what doesn’t. His passion for manufacturing with Timber began some thirty-two years ago when he was a Production Manager for a large German furniture-making facility based in Winsford and this is where his eye for detail and quality developed.

Paul now spends his time in the tech world and enjoys creating and designing items with CAD Design.

Paul’s Hobbies include a passion for football and the calm peaceful sport of fishing.

Kelvin Newman - Site Manager

Son of Paul, Kelvin flew the nest to become an electrician to add new skills to the family but after 10 successful years in the electrical trade, he could not resist the desire to tinker with wood (which runs in his veins) so he joined the company in 2006.

Enjoying every aspect of the timber trade, Kelvin now runs the Sales and Production team ensuring a smooth transition from sale to install.  If you have any questions he’s easy to find at the yard, just look out for the shimmer of grey hair.

In his spare time Kelvin enjoys Cars, Mountain Biking, Fishing (like father like son) and any extreme sport he dares to give a go (not many!)

Andrew Edwards - Sales Manager

Andy worked for many years in the transport market and has exceptional skills in moving things around the country (don’t ask Kelvin if it’s outside of mid Cheshire!).  Bringing in these skills allowed the company to expand its ability to ship buildings all around the universe.   As time went by Andy found that sales was his forte, whether assisting our customers in choosing the right timber building or material requirements for all their building projects, or handling customer enquiries from all over the country. Andy is easy to spot at the yard as he is known to be the cuddly one.

Andy’s hobbies are Golf, Table Tennis (PING PONG he will hate this) and once again a keen angler.

Andrea Moores - Company Secretary

Well what can we say? As the only female in the company Andrea is the one that keeps us all in line and as the only one that can multi task without disaster, we all take something from her calming nature and aspire to some of the things she can do like talking on the telephone and book-keeping at the same time (amazing!).

Andrea looks after all the important things going on that people rarely see in a business and has a great customer relations attitude.

Her life is her kids and she spends all her spare time being the perfect mum, from leisurely walks by the river to the odd pop concert (it’s for the kids!).

Danny Murphy - Prodution Manager

Otherwise known as Magic, Danny has a way with timber and he can create a building from a scribble on the back of a fag packet. Danny started out as a trainee and has become a vital team leader within the workshop.

With the company’s background in timber if it’s not on the website or brochure, send us your ideas and Danny will do his magic in the workshop to bring your ideas to life.

Danny’s hobbies are Football, Football and more Football.

Scott Cain - Sales Manager

Scott started with the company as a shed builder and has progressed into the office as his attention to detail and customer service is exceptional, he will not leave a stone unturned and will always go the extra mile for our customers, if we need something doing then Scott is our man he will have sleepless nights if a job is not completed.

The first point of call on the telephone, Scott is always happy to help with any of your questions or queries.

Hank – Shed Fitter

Hank the man that can, The man that is going to turn up and erect you wonderful garden building, Hank is a great worker and can fit anything from gates to suspension on a Suzuki jeep!
Hank is as versatile as a swiss army knife which is what is needed when installing garden buildings as each garden is different bringing challenges to overcome every day.

 One of the other lads are always on hand to translate his Yorkshire accent if required?

 Hanks spare time is taken up tinkering with cars and has a passion for off road driving.

The Team

Cheshire Sheds runs its own fitting teams and has a great bunch of shed builders all run by Dan, they are a great bunch of lads and we constantly get positive feedback from our valued customers (see Testimonials)

In their spare time they get up to a wide range of hobbies from the latest craze, GAMING, to fidgeting around under old cars and trying to make them as high as possible to go over the most challenging terrains whilst staying upright!

Security & Office Assistant

Bruno (on the left) is a valued member of the team, working part time Bruno keeps a close eye out for intruders and has a bark louder than his bite, basically he’s a cute door bell!

Office assistant
Bella (on the right) is often found keeping a close eye on everyone with the hope someone will fuss her, curled up on any coat she can find on the floor or on a chair, Bella is the ideal seat warmer in the cold winter months.