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Donnington Le Heath manor house was originally built around 1290 and then extended in 1620s and very little has changed since, preserving many 13th and 17th century features. The Manor house was listed as an ancient monument in 1963 and was purchased by Leicestershire County Council in 1965 and now has undergone a full restoration preserving its original features allowing you to step back in time and explore the history of a 17th century family home.

Due to the number of visitors each year the demand for office accommodation on site was essential so we were contracted to supply a fully insulated timber frame office, Leicestershire county council sent us a brief plan of what they required, we provided 3d drawings showing the design and provided a detailed specification, this allowed us and our customer to see the building before we started building and allowed us to see that the proposed sash windows would no be big enough to use as a serving hatch, this allowed us to upgrade the windows to much larger units to cater as a serving hatch.