Pine Lodge

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Pine Lodge, built to last through all ages

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The Pine Lodge is another great way to get you child’s imagination running wild, these building can be whatever they want them to be from a fairy-tale princess play house to a fully secure parent free goblin fortress with an extra internal floor space.

The same height as a standard garden shed with an internal platform, balcony accessed by wooden ladders, due to the height of the pine lodge this building will last them years to come and will be the perfect garden storage when they out grow their imagination.

All timber used is sustainably sourced from well managed forests and we only use the best grade of timber available on the market.

All ironmongery and fixings are zinc plated to protect against rust and all timber nails are fully galvanised.

Standard windows are acrylic which will last for years to come without discolouring or becoming brittle.

We do offer a bespoke service allowing you to customise your shed to your needs or simply see our list of optional extras to add more elements to your building from additional windows or doors to internal shelves or additional security.